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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

FP3000 and FP5000 ASIA, Africa, North America and Europe specific versions! This release has aviation data for all these countries. Flight planning around the world has never been easier!

FP5000 for the iPad. The long awaited iPad app equivalent of FP3000 is available in the iTunes store. Search for FP5000! FP5000 Lite is free, and FP5000 Pro is fully featured with an annual subscription. All are now iOS8 and later compatible. Look for Australia, NZ, Asian, African, European, North American and the WORLD versions. Latest release is V3.1.3, 13th April 2018

FP5000 Information

Champagne PC Services Flight Planner 3000 V6.8b is now available. Version 6.8 has these new features-
- 1st March 2018 Australian ERSA data, and NZ data. Major update due to NAIPS changes - GAF etc..
- 280+ sample aircraft included in the software
- WORLD database extended throughout Asia and Africa, India, Europe and North America/Canada/Alaska.

FP3000 Recent Upgrades:

- Aus & NZ weather radar links, NZ MetFlight support
- Information related to GPS RNAV approaches available in Australia and New Zealand
- Options to add PNG and Indonesia airfield data (now extensively updated)
- Support for PIFR NAIPS notification
- New NAVIGATION LOG style flight plan printout
- Support for GPX format GPS data
- Interfaces to Google Earth to display flight plans and airfields
- Updated for the new NAIPS data format
- Improved quality printouts and reports.
- Weather decode. Yes, decode the NAIPS weather into plain English!
- Run the full FP3000 software from a memory stick for extreme portability
- Pilot Alerts; early warning that a license or medical check is approaching.
- Passenger manifest
- Airfields diagrams are now user modifiable and available for user waypoints.
- Comprehensive support for flight numbers.
- Ability to operate in magnetic or true tracks. - The Route Profile; a vertical view of the flight.
- Improved GPS support for handheld GARMIN GPS's, now with support for USB connection.
- New Pilot Selection facility.
- Additional waypoint data including frequencies, runway widths.

A product support page for the Flight Planner 3000 and FP5000 software is available on our WWW site -

FP3000 Product Support

FP5000 Product Support


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