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Flight Planner 5000 Product Support

Flight Planner 5000 Product Support

The current version of Flight Planner 5000 is V3.3.1, released 2nd October, 2018. Show new features

FP5000 Questions and Answers:

1. Is there a data transfer mechanism between FP3000 and FP5000?.   No. FP5000 has the same waypoint data as FP3000, plus the same data structure for the aircraft data so it will be easy to manually transfer information. The same sample aircraft are present in FP3000 and FP5000 and the aircraft data screens are exactly the same. So it is relatively easy to start with a sample aircraft and enter the data for your specific aircraft from the FP3000 screen onto the iPad screen. Probably takes less than 5 minutes per aircraft (for a complex aircraft) at the most.
Flight plans will have to be recreated from scratch on the iPad.

2. Is FP5000   available directly, rather than from Apple APP store? No, the Apple APP store is the only source source of FP5000.

3. How do I locate it in the Apple APP store?   FP5000 (both Lite and Pro versions) are only available from the Apple APP store. On your iPad select the APP STORE application and enter FP5000 (or FLIGHT PLANNING) in the search box at the top right corner of the screen.

4. Can I transfer an FP3000 license to FP5000?   No. FP5000 is a completely new product and is only available through the app store. It is priced in the region of the FP3000 annual renewal cost so is not expensive to run, and there is no up-front purchase cost. And the "Lite" version is free to install and operate.

5. Will FP5000 run on an iPhone?   No. It has just been built as an iPad application. In order to keep the familiar FP3000 screens we have decided that the iPhone is just to small to allow this.

6. Can I upgrade FP5000 lite to FP5000 Pro?   No. Apple have not allowed us to go this way. You will need to download and install FP5000 Pro - a separate product in the APP store. Keep FP5000 Lite as a backup.

7. Is it possible to transfer data between iPads?   Yes. The Backup/Restore function in FP5000 uses Dropbox. If you backup your data to Dropbox you can then restore all of that data to a different iPad if you connect to the same Dropbox account.
Basic dropbox accounts are free - see www.dropbox.com.

8. Why does FP5000 run in portrait mode only?   There are a couple of reasons for this. When the iPad is operated in a aircraft even mild turbulance will cause the screen to swap orientations if the device is held in a near horizontal position. eg on a kneepad.
Also, the development time was reduced by because of the simpler approach of one screen orientation.

Download the latest FP5000 User Manual - (4mb)

Description  Download the latest Flight Planner 5000 User manual in Adobe PDF format. You will need Adobe PDF viewer (free software) to view the manual on the screen or print it if you prefer a hard copy. Updating the FP5000 app will include installing the latest user manual. Press the HELP button on the main FP5000 screens to access this document on the iPad.

Bug & Problem Reports: Version 3

1. FP5000 Map display.   The Route Map Display sometimes displays the wrong name against a location. Exiting and re-entering the Route Map Display usually resolves this.

Please note that unlike corrections to FP3000, FP5000 new versions have to be submitted to Apple for review prior to them being released into the Apple APP store. This review process usually take between 5 and 10 days, according to how busy Apple are at the time. We therefore make corrections in batches and submit to Apple every 2 to 4 weeks usually.

Also note that different versions of the app may be present in the APP store at the same point in time. Eg FP5000 Pro may be at V1.2.3 but FP5000 lite may be at version 1.2.2. This is because Apple do not review and release all the products at the same time, even though we may submit them all at the same time.