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Flight Planner 5000 Product Information

Flight Planner 5000 Product Information

The current version of Flight Planner 5000 is V3.3.1, released 2 October, 2018. Show new features

Flight Planner 5000 iPad App.:

Flight Planner 5000 is operationally very similar to FP3000, the Windows based software. The functionality is very much the same, screens are mostly the same names, but are different in layout due to the different screen format and the different controls available on the iPad. Specific differences on the iPad are:

1. Alternates are not supported in FP5000.

2. The NAIPS screens have been redesigned in FP5000 for improved usability.

3. There is no support for Uploading to GPS, Abeam waypoints, Generic aircraft types, Flight numbers, the Airfield Register, Metflight, Passenger manifest, NAIPS charts, or Pilot Selection as in FP3000.

4. FP5000 does not automatically handle flight plans that are mixed VFR/IFR plans.

5. The Weather decode (FP5000 Pro AUS & WORLD versions) does not decode time information.

6. No international airport data is supplied with the Australia or the New Zealand FP5000 software. FP5000 World contains EXTENSIVE international aviation data- see below.

7. The Graphical Route Display is implemented as a simple Google Earth based map, without the functionality to add waypoints, airspace or other information specifically from FP5000.

Flight Planner 5000 Versions:

Flight Planner 5000 is available in 7 versions:

1. FP5000 Australia. Australia wide version, with comprehensive planning data for Australia. Available now, only in the Apple APP store.

2. FP5000 New Zealand. New Zealand version, with comprehensive planning data for New Zealand. Available now from the Apple APP store.

3. FP5000 Asia. Asian version, with coverage from Korea/Taiwan to Indonesia. Available now from the Apple APP store.

4. FP5000 Africa. African version, with coverage for the entire African continent. Available now from the Apple APP store.

5. FP5000 Europe. European version, with coverage for USA, Canada, Alaska, Greenland. Available now from the Apple APP store.

6. FP5000 North America. North America version, with coverage of the entire African continent. Available now from the Apple APP store.

7. FP5000 World. FP5000 software with comprehensive Australian and New Zealand data, plus extensive airfield, waypoint and reporting point data for Canada, Germany, France, United Kingdom, South Africa, Italy, Indonesia, China, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Kenya, Namibia, Thailand, Austria, Belgium, Angola, Madagascar, Tanzania, Burma, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Iceland, Nigeria, Micronesia, Solomon Islands, Taiwan, Fiji, Botswana, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Polynesia, Malawie, Somalia, Singapore, Ivory Coast, Marshall Islands, Laos, New Caledonia, Cambodia, Uganda, Rwanda, Nauru, Luxembourg, Cook Islands, East Timor, Tonga, Samoa, Brunei, Niue. Also included in the WORLD version is all airfield and some IFR data for these locations- Japan, Zaire (Congo), Sweden, Spain, Zambia, Norway, Finland, Mozambique, Greece, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, Korea, Kiribati, Congo, Alaska and the Pacific rim countries plus almost all international airports around the world. Available now from the Apple APP store.

"Lite" versions for the Australia, New Zealand and World versions are available for free download. They provide access to the app for an unlimited period, with some features disabled or restricted.
- Limit of 5 waypoint per flight plan
- Limit of 5 saved flight plans
- No NAIPS weather decode
- No NAIPS flight plan submit
- No printing support

FP5000 is only available for operation on an iPad, and requires iOS V8 or later to be installed.

The initial release was the FP5000 AUS and FP5000 AUS Lite, the free version. Early in December 2013 we released the NEW ZEALAND version and the WORLD followed late in January. The World version has the same coverage as FP3000 WORLD - over 38,000 airfields/waypoints. In July 2017 a new version, the ASIA version was released, covering 16 Asian countries from China/Taiwan to Indonesia.

FP5000 is available in the Apple iTunes store - the APP STORE (Blue App Store icon on your iPad). The annual subscription must be paid to operate the full (Pro) versions.

FP5000 AUS Lite-Australia version, free download.

FP5000 AUS Pro-Australia version annual subscription is Aus$70.

FP5000 NZ Lite-New Zealand version, free download.

FP5000 NZ Pro-New Zealand version annual subscription is NZ$55.

FP5000 ASIA Pro-Asian version annual subscription is Aus$60.

FP5000 AFRICA Pro-African version annual subscription is Aus$60.

FP5000 EUROPE Pro-European version annual subscription is Aus$60.

FP5000 AMERICA Pro-North America version annual subscription is Aus$60.

FP5000 WORLD Lite-World coverage version, free download.

FP5000 WORLD Pro-World coverage version annual subscription is Aus$90.

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Latest information on updates to the software and other information for users of the FP5000 app.