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Flight Planner 3000 Software

Flight Planner 3000 Software

pictureFlight Planner 3000 is a comprehensive flight planning tool (for Windows) which produces detailed, accurate flight plans plus provides the pilot with additional information relating to the flight. It does the weight & balance, calculates CP & PNR's, first and last light, does all the fuel calculations, draws detailed maps of your route, displays the different airspace on the maps, produces diagrams for over 3000 airfields, contains over 280 sample aircraft and helicopters, applies area winds, optimises the flight plan, includes LSALTS, produced flight information sheets, uploads waypoints and routes to your GPS, uploads aircraft, displays live GPS moving map data, does flight costing including landing fees, automatically connects to NAIPS and downloads weather and NOTAM's for the flight . It is suitable for all flight planning from ultralight to jet operations, includes online help and it is EASY TO USE.

Flight Planner 3000 can be installed on an individual PC, or on a memory stick (for portability) or on a server (for concurrent access by a number of users).

Many Flight Planner 3000 users run the software on their Mac computer using one of the many Windows emulation software solutions available, such as Parallels or Bootcamp.

Click here to view Flight Planner 3000 Specification Sheet

Lists in detail the full specifications for the Flight Planner 3000 software. If you have a question like "will the software do..." then check this document first.

Click here to view Flight Planner 3000 Sample Operations Pages

Information about how to produce a complete flight plan with the Flight Planner 3000 software. Sample screens show how simple the software is to use. For a New Zealand Sample Operations page here.

Click here to view Flight Planner 3000 USB Operation page

Lists some of the differences in operating the USB (or removable media) version of FP3000 including opening the software, updating the software.

Click here to view the Flight Planner 3000 Product Support Page

Latest information on updates to the software, sample flight plans, sample aircraft data and other information for users of the Flight Planner 3000 software.

Click here to download the current price list

Latest price list for the Flight Planner 3000 software.

Click here to download the current Update Service price matrix

Latest Annual Update service price matrix for the Flight Planner 3000 software. Updates are provided every 3 months under the Standard update service, and monthly under the Professional update service. Subscriptions cover software updates for one year.


Click here to download an Order Form  for the Flight Planner 3000 software and other products. Check pricing via the Price List before ordering.

Online ordering of the Flight Planner 3000 software the Update Service subscriptions/renewals is available- click here.

Demonstration Versions of Flight Planner 3000

Description Demonstration versions of the Flight Planner 3000 software can be used to prepare your own flight plans, and print/fax them and submit electronically to NAIPS. The full functionality of the Flight Planner 3000 software is mostly available in all demonstration versions. A full online help library is included in the download, but you won't need it to get your first flight plan out.

Australia demo. kit (approx 10mb) - Click for download

Flight Planner 3000 demonstration version covering Australia

New Zealand demo. kit (approx 9mb) - Click for download

Flight Planner 3000 demonstration version covering all of New Zealand

FP3000 WORLD demo. kit (approx 13mb) - Click for download

Flight Planner 3000 demonstration version covering most countries of the world

Key Benefits

  • The Flight Planner 3000 is the industry leader in terms of ease of use and data content
  • Database of over 34,000 waypoints and 9,000 airfields (World version)
  • Comprehensive coverage for Australian and New Zealand
  • Asia version includes basic aviation data (Airfields, NAVAIDS, IFR reporting points) for these countries- Brunei (Borneo), Burma (Myanmar), Cambodia, China, East Timor (Timor Leste), Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. In addition IFR routes are included for China, East Timor (Timor Leste), Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam.
  • World version includes comprehensive AUS & NZ data, Asia data plus data for PNG, Africa, Canada, Alaska, UK, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, and all of the Pacific rim countries, plus all international airports, and more!
  • Australian NAIPS support - weather and NOTAM's and direct flight notification, even under Windows 7
  • Connects to NAIPS and decodes the weather into plain English for you!
  • Flight Plan anywhere in the world
  • Can be operated from a memory stick for extreme portability
  • Route maps with extensive details (CTA etc) and route profile
  • GPS support - upload waypoints, routes plus real time GPS MOVING MAP display
  • Display your flight plan on Google Earth
  • Flight Planner 3000 is EASY TO USE



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New Zealand

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$250.00 + GST

Annual Update Service

from $60 + GST

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Prices quoted are in Australian Dollars unless otherwise indicated. Purchases outside Australia are required to purchase via credit card and will be charged the AUS$ equivalent at the time of the purchase.

Australian GST is payable on all software sold within Australia. Add GST at 10% to all purchases within Australia. No GST is payable on sales outside Australia.

Additional PC licenses are $50 (+GST) per personal computer (for the same user or for the same company office). Payment is by cheque, credit card (MasterCard or Visa), or direct deposit.