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Downloaded (or enclosed) is a Flight Planner 3000 update package supplied as part of your Annual Update Service. Install the software by running the downloaded INSTALL.EXE.  Refer to section 3.2 of the User Manual or the online help for detailed installation instructions.  We strongly recommend that you backup the user data component of the Fight Planner 3000 software (via the Backup drop down menu on the Aircraft Screen) prior to installing any updates.


The latest User Manual is installed when the software is updated.  The online help provided with the software contains all of the information in the User Manual.


The effective date for this FP3000 software for Australian use and also for New Zealand use is 24th May 2018. There is information in this software release that becomes effective on this date and user of the software prior to this date is not recommended.


Principal recent V6.8 features:


Other  FP3000 V6 changes:

·       Released FP3000 ASIA and FP3000 Africa, Plus FP5000 versions of same.  Refer to our www site for further details.

·       Support for the new NAIPS system, NIS, plus implements the new flight planning requirements with these limitations-

- No CHART display available

- No individual full text NOTAM display option.  A new checkbox on the Weather &

       NOTAM download screen will provide full text for all NOTAMS.

·       Availability of FP3000 WORLD – with coverage including Australia, New Zealand, PNG, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pacific rim countries, Southern Africa, France, Alaska, Canada, Russia, and UK, plus over 1000 international airports.  Email or check our www site for further details and upgrade pricing.

·       Added support for the Australian PIFR requirement in NAIPS notification.  See CONFIG & Pilot Tab.

·       Added information relating to the availability of GPS RNAV approaches at airfields.  This can be displayed on the Route Map to easily identify where the facility is available.

·       Added support for import of MetFlight (New Zealand weather) data into FP3000, from the AREA WINDS screen.

·       Added a new printed flight plan format- the "Flight Plan & Navigation Log", available on the OPTIONS screen via the Preview/Print button.  This printed (landscape) format plan is similar to the Jeppesen "flight log" and contains the flight plan plus important frequencies and information, plus provides for comprehensive fuel logging, clearance information and weather.

·       Added support for saving the flight plan in some common formats used by GPS and aircraft equipment.  Click on the FILE drop down menu on the OPTIONS Screen and select XML format (for Voyager and Grand Rapids EFIS's), GPX format for some newer GPS units (Garmin Aera 500), NMEA format (accepted by some GPS units), GPS Utility format and a simple text format.

·       Interface with Google Earth.  If you have Google Earth installed on your PC you can display the Google Earth view of any airfields and also display your flight plan. 

·       Added facility to display Weather Radar images and also Australian approach plates.  Click on WEATHER RADAR or APPROACH PLATES at the top of the NAIPS Weather & Notams screen.

·       Weather Decode. Get the weather via NAIPS (built in to FP3000) and you can get a complete decode of the weather into plain English.  Yes, FP3000 will DECODE the cryptic weather from NAIPS and display it in PLAIN ENGLISH, including converting all of those obscure meteorological abbreviations, location abbreviations, complex date-time fields, plus Zulu times are converted.

Please note:

1.   Do NOT delete previous versions of the software when updating.

2.   Should you need to revert to the previous version of the software just re-install the previous update.  Don’t delete anything.

3.   Downloaded update kits are a complete release of the software (without a license). They must be loaded onto a computer already licensed and operating the Flight Planner 3000 software.

4.   The software must be installed in the same directory as the original software was.  Failure to do this will result in the software reporting a license error and failing to operate.  If this situation occurs the update diskette should be re-installed, specifying the correct directory. We recommend installing the software in the C:\FP3000 directory, -the default directory for all installations.

5.   If you upgrade or change your computer the Flight Planner 3000 software will display a licensing error message.  Contact Champagne PC Services by email ( to arrange a license transfer.

6.   Check out our Flight Planner 3000 “Product Support Page” on our new WWW site… /flightplan3000prodsupport.htm for sample flight plans, latest FP3000 information, critical error reports, latest sample aircraft data, user manual and more.


Need more frequent updates?:


We provide monthly updates (Professional Update Service) for businesses that need to have the latest data all the time.  This service is available and is priced at $35 + GST for each licensed PC (WWW download, AUS version), with a minimum price of $96+GST (1 to 2 PC’s).  An Internet download authorisation email will be sent to you each month for 12 months.